Full Interview with New Children’s Book Illustrator
Gabriela Dieppa:

Overcoming Doubt to become a Children's book Illustrator

What kind of training or experience did you do before that helped with your illustrations?

I studied a graphic design career where I had my formation as a visual artist. I also did illustrations all the time as a hobby. Later, I found a job that was kind of commercial illustration and I had to draw almost every single day, so that served me as an illustration intensive!

What was one major thing you learned during this process?

That I can do it!! At first, I saw it like a super abstract idea. I doubted myself all the time but then everything worked so well. It worked because I believed in my potential and so did Brooke. Oh and very important: I also learned that the layout must work with the illustration from the beginning, from the first sketch! That’s super important.